Columbia crew members

In Memory of the Space Shuttle
Columbia Crew Members

Space shuttle Columbia
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In memory of the Columbia Crew Members

  • Commander Rick D. Husband
  • Pilot William C. McCool
  • Payload Commander Michael P. Anderson
  • Mission Specialist David M. Brown
  • Mission Specialist Kalpana Chawla
  • Mission Specialist Laurel Clark
  • Israel's first astronaut Ilan Ramon

Space shuttle Columbia crew members

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Columbia Is Gone

Returning back to earth from space,
Seven heroes with dignity and grace,
The Columbia rocket destined to die,
Was seen exploding in the sky.

With the loss of seven lives,
Leaving widows of their wives,
Children lost with their dads gone,
God give them strength to carry on.

The world salutes those who lost,
Their precious lives,
Our hearts and thoughts,
Are with each wife and family.

God take these heroes,
And cherish their memories,
And for their dedication,
Set their souls free.

Poet Emmo February 2, 2003

The final moments of Columbia's flight as recorded by weather radar at Shreveport LA
 on our weather forecast service pages.

Shreveport weather radar final moments of shuttle Columbia

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